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The Wine List

When it comes to wine, for us it has always been important to support the small local wineries which is why we typically suggest "Cinque Terre DOC" wines more than any others.

The rich rolling hillsides, the perfect Mediterranean sunshine and the close proximity to the sea all combine to create the distinctive flavors of our famous Cinque Terre wines. The origins of winemaking in Cinque Terre go back to ancient times when these five seaside towns stood out from others with their vast amount of vineyards and production of exceptional wines.  Even today Cinque Terre winemakers do not use tractors or machines and the grape harvest is done mostly by hand. This labor and love for the land is the greatest expression of our local wines. Our family now cultivates a small vineyard in the hills above Monterosso and we know firsthand that the best way to preserve these ancient traditions and maintain the origins of Cinque Terre is by selling local wines.


In addition to our local wines we also have a large selection of Tuscan and Italian wines.
Some of the wine producers we work with include Gaja, Rocca del macie, Antinori, Prunotto, Guado al tasso, Masi, Zenato, Allegrini, Le colture, Bottega, Biondi e Santi, Livio Felluga, Colterenzio, and Romano dal Forno. 

Recently Ciak’s son Lorenzo obtained his Sommelier degree and updated the wine list to offer a broader range of Cinque Terre and Tuscan Wines. There is also a section that specifically highlights the famous Amarone wines since we have expanded our collection.

Our wine list features more than 100 labels and is sure to offer something for every customer.

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