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The Vineyard

Ciak's Garden

We are aware that the beauty of our town is in the surrounding wildlife  and not the numerous restaurants and bars. We have always had a strong connection to our land and recently we decided to make our commitment to this land even stronger.
Last year we bought a small vineyard that needed a lot of work, to restore it and keep the land alive.
This year, our grape harvest didn’t go as well as we hoped, but we are staying confident and optimistic. We are very familiar with the fact that success comes from experience, which of course takes time!
What do we do with our grapes? The answer is simple: we "bring them to the table” through a local winemaker who uses them in the production  of their wines. This goes to show that the Cinque Terre wines we suggest to our customers truly represent our land and the many efforts involved in keeping it alive.

Since we opened, our primary focus has always been on quality. Over the years, this principle brought us to cultivate a garden where we grow fresh produce for everyday cooking. Obviously, since we use natural farming techniques, the spring and summer are the most beneficial seasons for our crops. We grow numerous plants, some of which include tomatoes, garlic, onions, potatoes, and basil. We incorporate all of these into our dishes and are fortunate to have the rich soil of Cinque Terre along with the perfect Ligurian climate to aid in the growth of our crops.

Our Lemon Grove


We have been growing and harvesting lemon trees for many years. We recently expanded  our lemon grove and planted more trees so that we are able harvest even more lemons. We use our lemons for the restaurant and to make our tasty lemoncello and homemade lemon marmalade, which you can also find in our lemon tart dessert. Another way we use our lemons is by participating in the annual lemon festival of Monterosso!

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