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Salting Anchovies


The anchovy industry has been a major source of livelihood for many centuries in Monterosso. The best time to catch anchovies is on a spring day, when the sea is calm, with mild temperatures and clear skies. In the 1500s, once the anchovies were caught they were salted in large barrels before being transported. When they were ready for the market, they were transported to the most important Italian cities for commercial sale. Monterosso is still famous for its anchovies and we are proud to continue this old and fading tradition.

Limoncino "Ciak"

Limoncino, otherwise known as Limoncello, is a lemon liqueur traditional to Cinque Terre. It is a popular digestive drink taken at the end of the meal and has been enjoyed in Italy for hundreds of years. We like to describe our limoncino as having a perfect balance of tangy and sweet with just the right amount of zing. We prepare our homemade Limoncino “Ciak” with the lemons in our lemon grove. Due to the rich earth and ideal climate of the Cinque Terre our lemons have a thick and hearty skin which is perfect for making Limoncino.

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